What is THE DEMON?

The Demon is a low to medium-high gain drive with distortion-like capabilities. With the gate/boost mod, it jumps into the gated fuzz range! The Demon can do the “just on the verge of breakup” thing at low drive settings or a pushed amp sound at higher drive settings.

If you do not vibe with the pentagram in the crown and do not want it kidpainted, please make note at checkout for your order. We can just paint it sans-pentagram!

Please view the INSTRUCTION MANUAL for more information about this pedal.

PLEASE NOTE: This is in fact the pedal known formerly known as “Oh See Demon.” We changed the name about 3 years ago to avoid product confusion. The circuit remains the same.

Type of paint/art *

Handpainted example – main image /// screenprinted example – second image

Enclosure Color

This ONLY applies to the “Handpainted by Shannon” paint/art selection (above).

Stock or Modified *

Order a stock unit or something REALLY fun

Clean blend

Add a clean blend (able to be added to a stock or modded unit, except for Octave Jawn-modded units)


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