(ends 11:59PM EST January 1) We want to start the New Year off fresh. We’ve spent some time building stock of UV-printed pedals so you can get your pedals NOW instead of waiting for handpainted designs. Everything is on sale here at the code “cleartheshelves” to take 20% off! Here’s what is ready to ship:LEAD FREE (UK, EU)420 FUZZBaby FurnaceCat … Read More


If you missed out on the first run of the Empty Glass Drum Mod, in conjunction with Daughters, they have another round going up for sale Wednesday, May 19 at 11am ET exclusively in their store. We’ll also be making Empty Glass V1.2 available, a more straightforward three knob version of the original Empty Glass with the Drone Blend … Read More

420 FUZZ v2 – OCTOBER 23

420 FUZZ is coming back and is here to stay! We’ve added some super versatile, useful mods to the pedal making this original fuzz worth every penny spent. Sound different, do something different. Learn more about the pedal and check out the demos here:


My godson, Calvin Bell, cofounded The Tulsa Project and we’re here to help! From June 25 through June 27, all of our income from screenprinted sales, including taxes and cost, will be donated to this project aimed at helping bring attention to, support, fundraise, and aid in marketing for Black-owned businesses nationwide. If you’d like learn more, please click HERE … Read More

CROAK: Expressive Double Filter Fuzz

CROAK EXPRESSIVE DOUBLE FILTER FUZZFRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2020$189 You’re not going to find a pedal that does what CROAK does.We know…you’re shouting three other pedals you think of at your phone or desktop monitor. Relax. Come chill on this lily pad with us so we can tell you more about why this pedal is so lily rad. What is an “expressive double … Read More

Meet our new pedal, OCTAVE JAWN!

Octave Jawn

“What is a ‘jawn’?” – Most Human Beings Let’s get this “jawn” thing out of the way… Back in the day (aka 2002ish), we in the greater Philadelphia region adopted a word called “jawn.” Basically, jawn can be used a stand-in word for ANYTHING. For example, if you want someone to hand you a paper towel, you might say, “Bruh, … Read More

Annual Saved By The Sale (August 2017)

Each year, we run a sale called Saved By The Sale. This year we are running things a bit differently…all of our premade pedals on are on sale for 15% off until August 11, 2017 and all handmade art is deeply discounted (even original wall sized paintings). PICK UP A PEDAL FOR 15% OFF ON REVERB: HERE PICK UP SOME RAD … Read More