Ever wonder what gave Failure that killer tone on songs like “Heliotropic” or “Another Space Song”? Well, wonder no more! Here it is! We worked hard to dissect the sound that we loved and replicated it in this fuzz. HELIOTROPIC will give you the ability to replicate that tone and more. Not only can you achieve that tone, but you can dial in clanky, dirty tones as well as super doomy ones as well. It even slays on guitar!!!

Please view the INSTRUCTION MANUAL to learn more about this pedal.

PLEASE NOTE — screenprinted/UV units are on order. Available in late summer 2021.

Type of paint/art * 

Handpainted example – main image

Enclosure Color

This ONLY applies to the “Handpainted by Shannon” paint/art selection (above). View enclosure color options HERE.

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