What is the GREY STACHE?

The GREY STACHE is based upon the GGG-tuned and Civil War versions of a muff fuzz, creating one versatile guitar AND bass-friendly monster! The tone stack features the ability to scoop mids to allow a heavy, deep sound, flatten the mids for an even-keeled sound, or boost the mids for a more modern sound that allows one to punch through in the mix and drive speakers well. It’s more than just a fuzz in that if you dial back the sustain, one can achieve more of an overdrive sound.

Please view the INSTRUCTION MANUAL to learn more about this pedal.

Type of paint/art * 

Handpainted example – main image /// UV Printed example – second image

Enclosure Color

This ONLY applies to the “Handpainted by Shannon” paint/art selection (above). View enclosure color options HERE.

Stock or Modifications * 

Order a stock unit or something REALLY fun

Clean blend

Add a clean blend, if you’d like…

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Official Demo - BASS
Offical Demo - BASS2

2 reviews for GREY STACHE

  1. Cory pierce

    Amazing tones from the grey stache, it went above my expectations by far!
    With the diode mod and second mids knob every flip of the switch of turn of a knob unleashes a whole new territory of saturated awesomeness!!!
    Very unique.

  2. Tony

    Been looking for a muff style pedal that does three things first civil war/Russian sound this can do it. Second mids my other muffs needs an extra mids boost this does it standard. And last a clean blend for bass which is a upgrade but we’ll worth it. I would recommend this pedal for any bassist out there. It cuts through so easily

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