What is the CAT KING?

 The Cat King is the “king sized” version of our Cat Tail, a low to high gain distortion with overdrive capabilities (some even say at high gain settings, it sounds like a fuzz). This circuit is based on a well-loved, classic distortion that make a clean amp dirty and a dirty amp disgusting. We have tweaked the original circuit to better meet the needs of guitarists and bassists alike. With the addition of a diode toggle for extra tweakability for clipping options, we have added to the modifications the Beavis double resistor mod (Clipping 1 and 2 pots) to allow the user to subtly fine tune how the signal clips on the highs and lows.

Please view the INSTRUCTION MANUAL for more information about the pedal.

PLEASE NOTE: This is in fact the pedal known formerly known as “Rat King.” We changed the name in July 2015 to avoid product confusion. The circuit remains the same.

Type of Paint *

Choose between handpainting by Shannon or kidpaint by the kids.
If you would like custom art, please email us for a quote BEFORE ordering here!

Type of feedback *

Momentary only works when holding switch down.
Latching lets FB stay on until you turn it off.

3 reviews for CAT KING

  1. 5 out of 5

    It’s a masterpiece. Literally. Starting from the whole family business itself, that kidpainted stuff, video reviews made by Ryan and those intros with kid’s voice. Cat King sounds delicious! Capabilities are incredible and unlimited! Do yourself a favor and grab this one while you can.


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  3. 5 out of 5

    I’ve had a CT for a little over a year, it started as a CK but was rehoused but I kept the diode blend control because I love it. Insanely versatile pedal, can do bluesy to straight grinsy dirtiness. I suggest getting it with the dirty octave up mod because it makes it soooo cool and roboty! Ryan does an amazing job on his pedals and his customer service is on point!

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  5. 5 out of 5

    My rig throughout the 90’s was two 80’s era Rat pedals (loud and louder) and Cry baby wha. I still have the pedals, but I do not like gigging with them. They are beat up and temperamental. I have the Rat/Cat King and in side by side comparisons I am able to dial in the King to sound exactly like the Rats. It gets better…. the diodes toggle and clipping pots allow me to get some tones that I feel are even better (at least to my aging ears). The responsiveness to touch through my tube amp (Divided by 13 / EDT) is other worldly. The feedback is momentary and I can get some really amazing effects standing on that switch and tweak the tone on my Jazzmaster. LOVE IT!

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