The Demon King is the “king sized” version of our Demon, a low to medium-high gain drive with distortion-like capabilities. With the gate/boost mod, it jumps into the gated fuzz range! The Demon King can do the “just on the verge of breakup” thing at low drive settings or a pushed amp sound at higher drive settings.

If you do not vibe with the pentagram in the crown and do not want it kidpainted, please make note at checkout for your order. We can just paint it sans-pentagram!

Please view the INSTRUCTION MANUAL for more information about the pedal.

IMPORTANT: The screenprinted art is the same as the bottom-left image, but is not with an orange powdercoat, white demon/demon king text, and brown eyes/Fuzzrocious text.

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2 reviews for DEMON KING

  1. Bryan

    This high-gain distortion and drive pedal, provides a distinctive blend of high gain breakup with a unique feedback feature that can be custom ordered to meet your needs. (Very cool of Ryan and the family!)

    Throw on a boost and gate to round out this king size demon from Fuzzrocious and your heavy tone will never be the same!

    I think if I were to give it 5stars I would go back and get the momentary feedback as the latching feedback is a pedal tweakers dream, but maybe the switch I will rarely use. This isn’t reflective on the build at all the pedal is amazing.

  2. ryan ratajski

    We can always mod the feedback for you! Just send us an email.
    Thank you for the positive feedback!

  3. Raymondsaf

    good! super!

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