What is FEED ME v2?

FEED ME is a EQ/preamp/tone shaper and possible level boost that takes any signal you feed it and applies a blend of high and low pass filters to provide the user with 144 different tone stacks of one’s choice via the two (2) 12-position rotary potentiometers (those blue and red pointy knobs). 

This pedal can be placed in any position on your pedalboard. Place it first and have a switchable tone stack to drive your other pedals. It will alter the sound of your instrument and pickups. For example, set up a tone stack/sound to make your strat sound more like a tele or your P bass pickup sound like a J. Place it after your all of your pedals and let them be effected by the tone stack. Make a muddy delay sound brighter or scoop the mids on a middy drive to make it feel more brutal for your noodle. There’s no wrong way to use this pedal…maybe you should consider buying one for the front and another for the back of your board…just sayin’…

Updated instruction manual coming soon.

Improvements to the FEED ME V2 circuit

  • Grey and White rotary pots from old FEED ME version converted to single gang 16mm “normal” pots (easier to sweep through EQ filtering
  • All pots moved farther away from footswitch (harder to smash pots with clumsy feet)

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