Wide ranged fuzz pedal capable of low gain drive

We’ve boiled up a wild collaborative sonic brew with Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company – meet ULTRAPUSH!
ULTRAPUSH takes the bitterness of UltraCush’s hops to transforms them into fuzzy waveforms that will splat and scratch your amp into a hazy bliss. Those silky, smooth mouthfeels from UltraCush are complemented by how nicely ULTRAPUSH cleans up. Yes, this pedal can pull low gain sounds up through nasty fuzz!
Limited to 30 units for their 10th Anniversary Party (June 11, 2022)!
Our take on a tweaked out Jordan Bosstone fuzz pushing into a boost with assymetrical red LED clipping. Med gain OD, light distortion, medium distortion, and FUZZ!

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