Fuzzrocious Pedals and Electro-Faustus present our second collaboration, MAGGOTOR.

MAGGOTOR combines our Baby Furnace with EF’s Blackfly.

In “Bite” mode, any instrument can be used with the Baby Furnace portion of the pedal, providing a unique, original, gated fuzz sound. Two channels of differently-voiced fuzz with a clean blend available on both channels.

In “Squirm” mode, no input signal is needed! Strum, pluck, slap, etc the springs and/or tap, pop, scream into, slam, etc the enclosure to produce sound picked up by the internal mic. This can be used with or without the Baby Furnace portion (activated via the left footswitch).

Direct orders from Fuzzrocious and EF ship with a FREE t-shirt and 3D printed Maggotor plectrum!
Orders from dealers ship with 3D printed Magottor plectrum only.

Limited to 50 total units here at,, and participating dealer – Russo Music, Martel Music, Sound Parcel, and Deluxe Guitars.

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