Yes, this is the final run of lunaReclipse.

Only 50 will be made (EDIT – I made three more on Jan 6, ’22).

What is lunaReclipse?

lunaReclipse is the first effect of its kind. A 12-position rotary provides 12 ways to clip (distort/provide overdrive) your instrument or re-clip any effect that comes before the lunaReclipse. If placed near the front of your signal line, lunaReclipse can drive other effects in new, exciting, vibrant ways.

If you want a more vintage distortion/overdrive sound out of your modern, high gain distortion, turn the lunaReclipse rotary to 2:00 and allow a pair of germanium diodes to re-clip the circuit and provide a more vintage feel. Turn it to 10:00 to use asymmetrical germanium-germanium/LED clipping to provide a sound that feels both modern and vintage.

With a simple volume control and 12 rotary positions to choose from, dialing and sculpting a new, exciting sound of your instrument and other effects pedals opens up a world of possibilities. Do not depress or overturn the rotary…it will break and you will be sad.

Please view the INSTRUCTION MANUAL for more information about this pedal. It includes a library of settings to get some new ideas on how to use lunaReclipse.

1:00 – Nanolog Devices N1A (quantum tunneling “diode”)
2:00 – germanium / germanium
3:00 – 1n4001/1n4001
4:00 – LED/LED
5:00 – 1n914-1n914/1n914
6:00 – germanium – germanium / germanium
7:00 – 1n4001-1n4001/1n4001
8:00 – LED – LED /LED
9:00 – 1n914-1n914/germanium
10:00 – germanium – germanium /LED
12:00 – clean boost

What are the changes for the final run?

lunaReclipse offers a Nanolog Device (N1A) in the 1:00 position and MOSFET clipping in the 11:00 position. The N1A is simply put, AMAZING. It behaves similar to germanium clipping while providing a rounder, more full experience. It’s worth every penny. MOSFET clipping features germanium diodes in conjunction with 2n7000 MOSFETs for a big, open, crunchy clipping experience.

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