SECRET C – Beyond Hypothermia – UK/EU ONLY


Cave In x Fuzzrocious – a tribute to Caleb Scofield

SECRET C is a collaboration of Cave In and Fuzzrocious Pedals paying homage, love, and respect to Caleb Scofield’s memorable, heavy, iconic sound that he is known for in Cave In, Old Man Gloom, and Zozobra. It’s no secret that in recent years, Caleb used a Fuzzrocious Rat Tail (currently incarnated as Cat Tail) as a go-to for his distorted bass sound and we are giving that sound to you in SECRET C with iconic art from artist and friend, Thomas Hooper.

Cave In and Fuzzrocious worked together to dial in Caleb’s tone. An external volume pot balances your output volume. Internally, seven (7) trimpots have been measured and set by hand on all 200+ units! The user can change the trimpots to their own liking or let it rip as we set it. After the Cat Tail circuit, a preamp has been added to give some more oomph and tunability to the sound giving the vibe of Caleb’s solid state amp sound, providing a better way to dial in depending on your amp setup. Top-mounted jacks and power will allow you the freedom to squeeze this onto your pedalboard with ease. 9V DC output center negative power ONLY. A large portion of proceeds from sales of SECRET C will be given directly to the Scofield family. Eight (8) colorways are available at, each pulling in color schemes from Cave In’s albums.

There will NOT be any future runs. This is it. We hope that this pedal will bring you joy. Thank you for lifting off with us.

Feature sets include:

  • Runs at 9V DC output center negative power¬†ONLY
  • Seven (7) trimpots dialed by hand, one by one, in all 200+ pedals to mimic “the sound”
    • Gently turn the trimpots at your own risk…if you want to set it back to stock, grab a multimeter and measure the trimpots to these settings
  • Top-mounted power and audio jacks
  • External volume pot

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