A collaboration with Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company
(Chorus with boost/drive/distortion in wet loop)

Cosmic Bull Shark is based on a future Fuzzrocious summer release (*hint hint* JULY) in the CHORUS family, but takes this future release in a new direction.¬†Named after NCBC’s¬†upcoming 11th Anniversary beer, this new pedal pushes the limits of creating something unique, easy to use and get a great sound out of without breaking the bank. A lush chorus gains some gritty texture by adding a powerful boost/OD/distortion in the wet path of the chorus. A three-way toggle lets one select a clean boost, gritty overdrive, or grindy distortion combining with the wet chorus to sound unique and take what a chorus can be to a new galaxy. When was the last time you played with a boost, overdrive, or distortion in a chorus’ wet loop, let alone all three?! This is not a boring ol’ chorus!

Direct orders ship with a pair of Fuzzrocious-branded sunglasses!

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