Cicada Fuzz V6


We are celebrating version six (6) of Cicada Fuzz! Versions 1-5 each sold out in mere HOURS!

The CICADA FUZZ is our rare tremolo-fuzz made in homage to the 17 Year Periodical Cicada. It’s only right that we release 17 of each year’s version into the wild. All units sold were powdercoated and screenprinted locally by JuxtaPrints.

The speed switcher footswitch lets you switch between speed 1 and 2 pots. Set each one different, like presets.

The Drone features control a pitched drone that you can turn on/off when the pedal is active. The most interesting way that we found to use this was to use it in conjunction with the oscillation footswitch held down. You can tune it to a complimentary note to match what you’re playing or even make it atonal!

PLEASE NOTE – the Voice toggle moves left to right/horizontally.

Takes 9V center negative DC output power ONLY.

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