Meet our new pedal, OCTAVE JAWN!

“What is a ‘jawn’?” – Most Human Beings Let’s get this “jawn” thing out of the way… Back in the day (aka 2002ish), we in the greater Philadelphia region adopted a word called “jawn.” Basically, jawn can be used a stand-in word for ANYTHING. For example, if you want someone to hand you a paper towel, you might say, “Bruh, … Read More

Annual Saved By The Sale (August 2017)

Each year, we run a sale called Saved By The Sale. This year we are running things a bit differently…all of our premade pedals on are on sale for 15% off until August 11, 2017 and all handmade art is deeply discounted (even original wall sized paintings). PICK UP A PEDAL FOR 15% OFF ON REVERB: HERE PICK UP SOME RAD … Read More

5 Ways We Will SLAMM NAMM

FIVE WAYS WE WILL SLAMM NAMM NAMM is this week. Crazy town. You’re are all our butterflies, sugar, baby. Here’s what we have in store for attendees at NAMM this year in Booth #1599. 1. TWO (2) NEW PEDALS BAXSTABBER (baxandall-based EQ) Blast Furnace (original fuzz + delay) 2. DEMOS We are blezzed to have Jonathan Hischke (dot hacker, hella, le butcherettes, etc.), Fred Sablan (Marilyn … Read More

Collaboration pedal w/ Dwarfcraft Devices

Fuzzrocious Pedals and Dwarfcraft Devices are proud to announce Wizardlife, a mashup design that combines Dwarfcraft’s Wizard of Pitch with a new glitch mod and our Afterlife Reverb with hardwired oscillation. Preorder information will be disseminated shortly via Fuzzrocious and Dwarfcraft along with weird demos from both companies. This is the start of something beautiful.

Goodbye ZUUL & Dark Driving

With FEED ME and ANOMALIES coming to the FUZZROCIOUS lineup this spring, we need to make some room. ZUUL and Dark Driving will move to the retirement home. There will be 14 more ZUULs and 15 more Dark Drivings and then that’s all, folks! So, get ’em while the gettin’ is good…