Terms and Conditions

Our Mission Statement 

Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC’s products are handmade in Mount Laurel, NJ by a husband and wife team with help from their children. You are purchasing a pedal made for you by us. We are working as hard as we can for you. By purchasing from us, you accept these terms and conditions in their entirety.

Shipping Timeframes 

Our guitar pedals are made on a build to order basis, so wait times may vary from month to month, depending upon the amount of pending orders in the queue. Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC estimates orders handpainted by Shannon Ratajski with will ship in sixteen (16) weeks or less from date of payment. Screenprinted orders with will ship in three (3) weeks or less from date of payment. This wide estimate is in place to ensure we drill, paint, install hardware, build, test, and ship your pedal properly – you are having a product built just for you.

Shipping Rates 

Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC assumes responsibility for all domestic shipping fees. International customers assume responsibility for all international shipping fees via USPS Priority Mail International.

Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC is not responsible for VAT/Customs fees outside of the US.

Shipping rates for international customers are subject to change without notice based on the prices given by the United States Postal Service.

Return Policy 

Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC accepts returns of mint condition (unused, unmarked, working order) pedals within seven (7) days of delivery of product to customer, minus a 25% restocking fee. Customer assumes responsibility for return shipping. Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC also reserves the right to refuse returns based on condition of pedal. We recommend packaging all returns similarly to how you received it to ensure you can receive a refund and that the pedal is not damaged in the mail.

After seven (7) days of customer’s receipt of pedal, Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC will not accept returns.

All clothing or other apparel sales are final.

Cancelling an order before shipment 

Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC will cancel and refund an order, minus 10% for processing fees and restocking, if the request for cancelation by the customer is made before Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC notifies customer via email that the pedal has shipped. Due to the labor involved, custom orders do not qualify for cancellation.

Extended Warranty 

Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC Pedals’ pedals are guaranteed to be free from manufacturer and design defects for a minimum of one (1) year from the date of purchase. If an issue arises after one (1) year from date of purchase, the customer assumes a $25/hour repair fee and the cost of shipping both to Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC for repair, and after repair, for return from Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC to the customer.

If a customer owns a preowned Fuzzrocious pedal and there is fault with the pedal from reasonable usage or defect of hardware and is in a domestic US address, the customer assumes shipping to/from Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC. International customers pay shipping to the US; Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC will assume return shipping costs. Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC is not responsible for VAT/Customs fees outside of the US.

Fuzzrocious Pedals’ products do not support batteries due to risk of damage to the unit and for ecological concerns related to the use and disposal of batteries. It is the customer’s responsibility to power the pedal with a 9V DC 2.1mm center negative tip adaptor that will not be provided by Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC.

Instruction manuals for each pedal are available on our website, and will not be provided in a printed form by Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC. It is strongly recommended that the customer review the manual in its entirety in order to not damage the pedal.

 Items Covered Under Warranty Items Not Covered Under Warranty





Power jack (if the pin is not depressed)







Use of incorrect power supply as defined in this document and in each pedal’s manual

Limited Warranty (30 Days) 

If there is an issue with the pedal from reasonable usage within 30 days of receipt of the pedal to a domestic US address, Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC will pay for shipping to and from the customer at no cost to the customer. International customers pay shipping to the US; Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC will assume return shipping costs. Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC is not responsible for VAT/Customs fees outside of the US.

Disputes Arising From Sale 

By purchasing a pedal from Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC, you agree to hold harmless, release, defend, and indemnify Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC, as well as all agents and representatives of Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC, against any claims arising from injury or damage to personal property as a result of using our products. It is your responsibility as the customer to read all manuals included with our pedals, and to operate the pedals in accordance with the directions given in the manuals. All issues arising from the sale of any of our products are governed by New Jersey State Law. By purchasing from us, you agree to submit to binding impartial arbitration in the Burlington, New Jersey area to settle any disputes.

Revised 6/13/2016 by Ryan Ratajski, Owner