Cicada Fuzz V2


The CICADA FUZZ is a trem-fuzz that boasts tons of available volume, a toggle for oscillation, a Speed footswitch connected to a dual-ganged pot to control the speed, and a NEW three-way voicing diode toggle (not¬†available on the V1 from 2015). Hit the left Speed footswitch and the speed flips to opposite setting on the pot (ex. – speed pot is set for the slowest setting…hit the footswitch and it jumps to the fastest setting…).

In homage to the 17 Year Periodical Cicada, only 17 of this version will be made. Each enclosure will feature different colorations in the cicada.

Includes true bypass on/off footswitch, volume pot, dual-ganged speed pot, oscillation toggle, voicing toggle, speed footswitch, and operation LED.

Takes 9V center negative DC output power ONLY.

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Cicada Fuzz V2 (official)


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