FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Original US owners: We, Fuzzrocious Pedals, will repair your pedal for free if you didn’t use an incorrect power supply or do something crazy. If within one (1) month of purchase, we will pay for shipping. If it’s after one (1) month, the buyer pays return insured shipping and any parts that need to be replaced.
  • Non-original owners: the owner/buyer is responsible for a $25 bench/hour bench fee, parts replacement, and return insured shipping. External damage to the enclosure and/or paint will be decided later upon inspection.
  • For all international owners (first/second/thirdhand, etc.): The owner assumes ALL shipping expenses.
  • If you attempt to repair or mod your pedal, do so at your own risk because you’re voiding and and all warranties.
  • No. We can’t afford to buy your pedal back, as we are a very small company. Try selling it at reverb.com, talkbass.com, ilovefuzz.com, harmony central, eBay, or Craigslist.
    Yes, but we we will only partially refund your order. Your order can be refunded minus a 10% fee for our time in the matter. This applies to all orders, even if you ordered it 30 seconds ago.
  • Cash for local pickup
  • Paypal
  • Credit card (email us to set this up)
  • You can pay for most pedals right on our website, but some orders (custom orders, etched, etc.) require you to send us your paypal email address via email so that we may invoice you. (If you don’t live in the US, please let us know).
  • CONUS: shipping is included in cost (via USPS)
  • International Priority: $35 – Canada, $50 – Worldwide (via USPS)
  • We will NOT ship your pedal as a “gift.” We are a business who collected taxable income; therefore, shipping as a gift would be illegal.
  • We will no longer ship via First Class due to no claimable insurance or tracking. USPS tends to send packages to the wrong country from time to time and “cannot do anything about it” and they will not open a case for reimbursement. Do you want your package delivered? We do :).
  • You will receive an email when your pedal ships. We cannot guarantee any shipping times with USPS or FedEx. You are at the mercy of shipping services once it leaves our hands.
    We safely estimate about sixteen (16) weeks (or less) on orders painted by Shannon. We’re a small business and Shannon has gone back to teaching, so Fuzzrocious is now part-part time for her! You are getting something created just for YOU and we are a two person operation. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    All of our pedals are tuned to be used equally with bass, guitar, vocals, keys, etc. They work w/ active instruments, too…you may need to turn your volume down, just as you would do with 99% of all other effects w/ actives.
  • 1n914 silicon: warm, compressed, normal sounding
  • 1n4001 silicon: compressed and a little more dirty than silicon
  • Germanium: quiet, vintage, warm, perhaps some top end rolloff
  • LED: loud, brash, nasty
  • No diodes: loud, uncompressed
  • Momentary – the effect only works while the footswitch is depressed
  • Latching – the effect stays on or off until you click the footswitch
  • Oscillation/feedback: your signal feeds back upon itself making noise. On the The Demon/King and other pedals with this mod, there is a knob to control the type and pitch of the feedback.
  • Killswitch: when you press down on the footswitch, all signal is grounded out, thus muting the signal.
  • Gate/boost: only available on The Demon/King. Gates the signal by sputtering and killing the signal abruptly. Reacts differently to the input signal, so if you roll back on your volume knob, it gets glitchier.
  • Second sustain/drive/distortion mods: via a footswitch, you can switch back and forth between two different settings (think low gain/high gain). It essentially turns 1 pedal into 2! This does not stack circuits.
  • Tone Bypass: via a footswitch, you can remove the tone section of the circuit from the Grey Stache, providing a more open sound.
  • Have you read the instruction manual found on the pedal’s section of the site? Many times, RTM, Zuul, and Afterlife users think their pedal is broken. 99% of the time on these two pedals, an issue is chalked up to user error, but in the case that the pedal is acting up, we’ll help you out!
  • Is the pedal plugged in correctly – input from instrument on the right, output on the left?
  • Are you using the correct power supply? We hope so…
  • Something else? Take a video of the pedal misbehaving and email it to us!
  • Center negative (Boss pedal style) 9V DC output power only! Any other power supply will damage your pedal, negating any warranty! If you don’t know, ASK! If you fried your pedal by using center positive or higher power rated supplies, we will know…the proof is in the damaged power section of your now broken pedal. AC power supplies are NOT DC output power supplies and will result in a voided warranty and very expensive repair.
    Sometimes! We post them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram first, so follow us! After that, they show up in our Immediate Sales section.
  • If you’re asking, probably not. Most of the guys you see on the clientele section of the site have bought their pedal(s) from us. Remember: we are a small company (probably smaller than you think)!
  • Asking for free pedals also puts us in a tough position. Telling people, “No,” is not something we enjoy, so let’s just help each other out :).
  • Do you like when people buy your record or t-shirt? We like when people buy our pedals.
  • You are putting us in a tough position, dude. The bands and dudes you see on the Clientele List have a personal relationship with us on some level. Let’s focus on building a relationship first.
  • At your house…after you buy one. Wink wink.
  • Occasionally, we work with online and terrestrial dealers, but we are not big enough to have them in the big chains. Sorry! Check out our Dealers list and find out if they have what you want in stock.
  • If your local music shop doesn’t carry us, politely ask them to ;).
  • Check talkbass.com, ilovefuzz.com, or reverb.com, harmony central, and ebay for used pedals.
  • Yes, but it’ll cost ya…$25-$32 for us to order you a custom box. Please contact us prior to ordering direct from us.
    Sure, if it’s something small like changing the colors of the letters, it’s free. If you want the demon to be green on The Demon, it’s probably free, too. Please ask first to inquire about costs.
    Maybe. Please provide us with image ideas and details on what you would like. A custom design ranges from $10-X depending on how intense the work is. Please actually send us the design ideas and images when you inquire via email. This alleviates us from having to ask you to be more specific and/or send your art idea(s). Provide a paypal email address and let us know if you are not located in the US.
    Email us your artwork and assure that it is as hard black and white as possible with little to no grey. Please provide a paypal email address or if you’re paying by credit card, we can invoice you. Please let us know if you are not located in the US.
    Yes, contact us with your details! Please provide a paypal email address or if you’re paying by credit card, we can invoice you. Please let us know if you are not located in the US.